Recruitment Methods

Recruitment Methods


First of all, recruitment isn’t rocket science. However, done properly its a complex process, requiring an investment in time, training and the necessary tools. In short, hiring the best talent requires more than just attracting and selecting candidates. It also requires management of the recruitment process.

Pyramid Resource Solutions offer a comprehensive range of recruitment services, combining the most appropriate methods to suit your brief. We integrate traditional executive search / head hunting methods, with the latest search and selection techniques. Dependent on your individual requirements, we’ll select the best mix for you.

Our twenty years experience, and continuous investment in the latest recruitment tools, and training, gives us complete confidence in our service. Recruitment agency methods differ, however our approach reaches valuable passive talent pool. Likewise it increases engagement of active candidates. Furthermore our recruitment process manages each step, boosting your talent attraction, acquisition and retention.

Our recruitment methods include:

Head Hunting

Head hunting allows you to reach the highly valuable passive talent pool that other methods don’t.

Head hunting is a term that some people aren’t comfortable with. The reality is head hunting is a the only way to reach passive talent. If the term doesn’t sit well with you, think about it like this. Head hunting is a way of directly advertising your opportunity to those who aren’t registered with a recruitment agency. Nor are they searching through the numerous job adverts.

Over the last twenty years, head hunting techniques have evolved. Today traditional executive search strategies are complemented by training and investment in digital hacks, apps and extensions. All of which help identify and engage passive talent.

Pyramid Resource Solutions have the experience, training and have invested in the latest cutting edge tools. We therefore use a combination of executive search strategies to identify talent, before directly approaching and qualifying their relevance for you.

Search & Selection

Combining in-house and external database searches, our search and selection recruitment methods evaluate the largest cross section of talent for your job vacancy.

Search and selection is the recruitment method searching a database to identify candidates that match your job spec. To ensure the largest number of candiates are considered for your role, we combine our in-house database with external database searches.

In-house database search & selection

Our in-house database has continuously evolved over the last twenty years. Both in terms of our network as well as our continuous investment in technology. Our latest cloud based database / ATS (Applicant Tracking System) has numerous features that enhance the search and selection process. Using artificial intelligence, social and digital integration, as well as other innovative extensions, benefits the accuracy and efficiencies of our search and section recruitment methods.

Our in-house database consists of candidates sourced by all our recruitment methods and includes active and passive candidates. Furthermore it’s constantly managed, keeping it well updated with relevant talent.

External database search & selection

With paid access to, and support from, external databases, our search and selection recruitment methods allows us to search mainstream candidate databases. These high profile jobs boards and candidate databases have the advertising budget to attract high volumes of candidates. Whilst they can be useful they can also be very time consuming to search. Furthermore the candidate records often are out of date. However we’re trained to maximise the efficiency of external database searches and are supported by Account Managers

Our service is all about sourcing you the best candidates. To do this we use every possible recruitment method, including external database searches, ensuring your vacancy gets an in depth candidate evaluation.

Recruitment Advertising

Recruitment advertising is, and has always been, hit and miss at attracting talent. To maximise your job ad reach requires understanding, experience and training. All of which we have.

First of all, recruitment advertising only targets active job seekers. This means job adverts only target a very small percentage of the talent pool. Secondly, with so many recruitment advertising channels, getting your job advert to be seen, let alone engage active job seekers in such a crowded market, requires numerous factors.

We are trained and experienced in writing recruitment advertising copy, optimising the content, formatting and structure for the search engine algorithms and to engage prospective talent.

Our ATS also uses AI to select national, and local job boards specific to the location of your vacancy Posting your job advert on as many online platforms to promote it as widely as possible.


Our social recruitment strategy extends beyond just simply posting job adverts on social media platforms.

To get the most from social recruitment requires more than ad-hoc job posts on social media. Our social recruitment is used for both job postings as well as to support our longer-term talent attraction strategies. The result of our social recruitment methods include candidate attraction for live job roles as well as the on going development of our talent pools, expansion of our network and increase future exposure of our job postings.

We also use social media as part of our digital head hunting recruitment strategy. Using Boolean search methodology, as well as conventional trawling of social media databases, to identify potential passive candidates suitable for your vacancy.


If you’ve the time, inclination and understanding of how to, you can find most things online. Today digital recruitment strategies play a major role in our recruitment methods.

Today digital recruitment features throughout our recruitment methods. From our cloud based ATS, AI, Apps and web extensions through to social media, online database and Boolean searches, we certainly use a variety of tools in our digital recruitment strategy.

Our investment, training and experience in the latest digital recruitment methods aids both proactive recruitment, candidate research and identification, as well as reactive recruitment methods. That’s not to mention the use of data, analytics, segmentation and profiling to improve efficiencies, reach and qualification to help source you the best talent.


Networking is a classic recruitment method, and remains as important today as it ever was. Although today our networking methods include physical and digital interactions.

One of the many benefits of sector specialisation is we get to spend all day, everyday, interacting with people within our core markets. As a result we’re constantly networking. Of course this allows us to keep up with industry trends and developments. It also allows us to continuously build and nurture our talent pools.

Recommendations, referrals sought from, and given by, our extensive network of multi disciplined talent of all skills and seniority levels, both attract and provide us with new candidates.

Whether on the phone, face to face or online, networking helps us identify talent for live recruitment assignments, as well as track and monitor the rising stars for the future.

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