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Need business support? Discover how we can help.
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Career support

Want career support? Discover how we can help you.
The quickest way to schedule a call, arrange a meeting, or get answers to your questions, is by choosing your area of interest from the list.
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Training support

We’re here to help you with your business or personal training. Our FAQs answer some of the most common questions. However, to schedule a call, arrange a meeting, or get answers to your questions, please choose your area of interest from the list. For partnership enquires please contact us using this link.

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Training FAQ

  • Personal, professional development plans
  • Q: I’m interested in investing in my own personal professional development to increase my capabilities and fulfil my career potential, but I’m not sure where to start or which courses, I should complete?


    The answer really depends on where you’re currently at, and where you want to go, in terms of your career.

    Contact us for a free career consultation and we can advise you on how best to reach your career goals.

    Q: I’m interested in creating a training package to help the business deliver a positive onboarding experience for new employees. Can you advise on the best courses to include, and the most cost-effective way to purchase them?


    First, this is a great idea, and yes, we can help you. The statistics prove that a positive onboarding experience leads to higher rates of talent retention, as a result increasing your chances of receiving a ROI in recruiting and onboarding.

    Our range of eLearning online courses are perfect for inhouse and remote onboarding. We can help you create a package, tailored to your individual needs, the level and / or position of your new hire, or alternatively, create a standard onboarding package for all new employees.

    However, until we understand more, we can’t advise you on the exact courses that best suit your business needs. Or the most cost-effective way to purchase a package to support your onboarding process.

    Contact us to discuss further and get a free consultation and no obligation quote.

    Q: As a business we want to create a people and culture strategy that includes talent development, increases the skills, engagement, and performance of our team. What are the best courses to include, and most cost-effective way for us to implement a learning and development plan?


    Congratulations, you get it. The benefits to businesses that invest in developing their people are huge, and deliver positive results direct to the bottom line.

    The most cost-effective training solution we can offer depends on the size of your business, the number of courses you want to include in your development plan, and how people you want to enrol.

    Check out our discounts FAQ’s for an overview of our bundles, credit accounts or unlimited subscription accounts, or contact us to discuss your requirements and get a free no obligation quote.

    Q: We recognise the threat to the business of not having a tangible succession planning strategy and want to address this area of weakness. We want to create a learning and development programme to prepare our key people and equip them with the capabilities to become future leaders.

    What are the best courses for developing future leaders and managers?


    The short answer is we have an extensive range of courses specifically aimed at developing the skills of current, and future, leaders, and managers. However, we recommend you contact us for a consultation.

    As well as advising you on a tailored a learning programme to support your needs, the development of future leaders and a succession plan, dependant on where you are in terms of formulating your succession planning strategy, identifying future leaders etc, it would best to understand more before recommending a plan.

    Contact us for a free consultation and no obligation proposal to suit your specific needs.

  • LMS questions
  • Q: Can your learning management system be integrated into our companies existing LMS?


    Yes. Our LMS will work alongside your existing system via our open API. Contact us for more info.

  • Discounts
    • Bundles
    • Q: What are bundles?


      Bundles are a package of several online training courses that you can buy together, at a discounted rate, and you, or your intended candidate, can work your / their way through completing them at your / their own pace.

      Bundles are a good way for single, or smaller numbers of users, to purchase several online training courses at a discounted rate.

      Q: Which training courses are available to buy in bundles, and what discounts are available from buying bundles?


      We have created off the shelf bundles for several of our related courses, that create an extended learning and development plan for users around certain topics or areas of development. However, we can create bespoke bundles to suit your individual interests or needs.

      Bundle discounts are based on the number of courses purchased. See our standard bundles or contact us to discuss your training needs and get a free no obligation quote.

    • Credit accounts
    • Q: What does your business credit account offer and how does it work?


      Our business credit account is a cost-effective way for companies to purchase large quantities of bulk credit and receive heavily discounted rates on our online training courses.

      Recommended for companies that either already have a high volume of training needs or who are committed to investing in the professional development of their people.

      Our business credit accounts provide a flexible training solution, unlimited access to our full suite of courses whilst ever your account is in credit, and benefit from the lower prices we can offer for bulk purchases.

      You don’t need to know which courses you need, or when you will need them. Our business credit account allows you to use your credit to access any of our courses, whenever you want, and never expires.

      Contact us to discuss your business’s training needs and get a free no obligation quote.

    • Unlimited subscription accounts
    • Q: What does your unlimited subscription account offer and how does it work?


      Our unlimited subscription accounts requires a business to have at least 10 people they want to create a professional development plan for. The more people they have, the bigger the discount off our online training courses we can offer.

      Our unlimited subscription account is based on you paying a monthly subscription to access unlimited use of our full suite of training courses. This makes it easy for you to budget for your business’s training and development needs. Provides you with peace of mind that all your training needs are covered by one fixed monthly payment, and that you are getting the best prices for our expert approved online training courses available.

      Contact us to discuss your business’s training needs and get a free no obligation quote.

  • Web browsers
  • Q: Why is Internet explorer no longer supported?


    We no longer support any version of Internet Explorer due to this outdated browser inability to deliver the functionality required to deliver our interactive digital training courses. Microsoft themselves will stop supporting Internet Explorer in early 2020, and we strongly advise you to use an up-to-date browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge if you are not already.

  • Courses
  • Q: What happens if I / one of my staff fail a course.


    Users are given 3 attempts at each module. If a module is failed on the third attempt it will be locked, and the user will need to contact us to unlock it. Each user is permitted up to 3 extra attempts per course. If they fail again after using all extra attempts a new course licence will need to be purchased and they will have to start the course again.

    Q: There are lots of online training courses and eLearning providers in the market to choose from, why should I purchase your courses rather than any others?


    You are right. The benefits of investing in training and development, combined with the ease and cost effectiveness of online training has naturally led to the growth of digital training course developers and service providers.

    First, it may help if we told you we are strategic partners with the training video production company and a licensed distributor. Like you, we recognised the benefits of investing in training, and assessed the market before selecting a developer to partner with.

    There are plenty of developers and distributors in the market available for you, like us, to choose from. But having gone through an extensive selection process ourselves, we partnered with the developer that we felt produced the best quality training courses at a cost effective rate for our clients.

    See the quality of our online training courses for yourself, register a free trial account and access the first module of all our courses or find out more about our online training courses. Free trial

    Q: Can you create bespoke courses? We’d like an online interactive video / digital training course developed for our business, that is branded and tailored to our specific needs.


    The short answer is yes. We are not a production company; we are strategic partners with a developer who does not sell training courses direct. However, we have agreed with them that they will produce bespoke courses for our clients. Contact us to discuss further.

  • Free trials
  • Q: How do your free trials work?


    Click free trial and access our LMS portal. Register your free trial account by completing the simple form, and you will receive an email with your login details.

    Our free trails give you instant access to the first module of all our online training courses. So, see for yourself the quality, format, and tests at the end of the module, and try before you buy our course or courses.

    Q: After completing the first module of a course as a free trail, when I purchase the full training course will I have to retake the first module?


    No. Our LMS tracks and records your progress even for free trial accounts. When you purchase the course, having passed the first module on your free trial you will continue the course by starting the second module.


If the answer to your questions can not be found in our FAQ's, we will endeavour to answer your questions as quickly as possible. (we will only reply when we have an appropriate answer or are unable to resolve the topic at this time.)

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