RPO – Cost effective recruitment solutions

Our recruitment process outsourcing services, RPO, is perfect for cost effective recruitment solutions. In essence we become an extension to your business, responsible for managing all your recruitment needs. As a result you receive a professional, fully managed recruitment service at a discounted rate, based on volume and our committed partnership.

Unless your business and recruitment requirements are big enough to warrant a permanent internal recruiter, bringing the process in-house might not save you as much as you’d like. Furthermore your talent attraction and acquisition strategy, as well as the management of the recruitment process, are likely to be less thorough. Consequently, this not only limits your access to talent, but can damage your employer brand.

Our recruitment process outsourcing services provide you with all the benefits of an in-house recruiter, without the costs of employing one. Not to mention saving you the investment into the necessary recruitment tools, and the cost to productivity of trying to recruit yourself.

Under our RPO model we provide you with a fully managed, branded recruitment process at a reduced cost. You get the same great service, using all our recruitment methods, tools and consistent management of your recruitment process. We create and implement your talent attraction and acquisition strategy, giving you access to active and passive talent that simply recruitment advertising doesn’t. Furthermore, an improved candidate experience throughout the recruitment journey enhances your immediate talent acquisition rates. Likewise our RPO solutions benefits your employer brand. Resulting in improved future talent attraction, acquisition and retention.

To find out more about our recruitment process outsourcing services, and RPO can reduce your recruitment costs, get in touch to arrange a meeting.