Flexible resource solutions

The business landscape is more dynamic than ever. As result, we’ve seen an increase in demand for contract recruitment. Our freelance recruitment services provide flexible resource solutions, to meet your business needs.

Today’s business environment can change quickly, making it notably harder for effective resource planning. Therefore having an agile business model that allows you to bend and flex to cope with lean periods, whilst being able to scale up to take advantage of opportunities is becoming more attractive.

Through our freelance recruitment service you can engage freelancer contractors on a “pay as you go” basis. Without the need for employment contracts and the associated costs such as NI, pension contributions etc. As a result contractors can be a cost effective solution, to help you win or deliver contracts.

We’ve developed a fantastic, multi disciplinary network of talented freelance contractors. Whatever your requirements, by discipline, skill set or contract duration, our freelance recruitment solutions put you in touch with the right freelance resource.

Talk to us about our flexible resource solutions, and your freelance and contract recruitment requirements. Contact us to find out more.