Talent Attraction

Talent Attraction

Gain a competitive edge in the war for talent

Having the best talent is essential for business success. However, competition is at an all time high. Replacing the volume of human capital from the baby boom generation, with smaller numbers of future generations, combined with current record unemployment, has resulted in a global skills shortage.

Likewise millennials, and more so generation Z, have different career motivations. Furthermore, they expect a different approach to talent attraction and acquisition. Consequently it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract the very best talent, at the right time. Particularly using traditional ad-hoc recruitment strategies.

Due the above, forward thinking companies are embracing new talent attraction and talent acquisition strategies. However creating and managing a complete talent acquisition strategy takes expertise and an investment in time and tools. Unfortunately, unless you’re a large corporate organisation, most organisations simply don’t have the time, or the luxury to afford dedicated in-house resources.

Talent Attraction & Talent Acquisition | how it works

Our talent attraction and talent acquisition services allows you to gain a competitive edge in the war for talent. Following our consultations, we apply our expertise to create a bespoke package to suit your needs and budget. By understanding your future skills gaps, and planning for them, we’ll help you create a proactive, strategic approach to your medium and longer term resource requirements.

Furthermore, if required, we’ll help you assess the capabilities of your current team. Helping you identify future leaders for succession planning, or forthcoming skills gaps through capability assessments.

We offer ongoing support, to clarify and maintain your strategy. This includes quarterly reviews to keep it current.  If and when required updating your strategy to reflect your changing requirements. As a result, ensuring your business remains attractive to the talent needed at any given time.

The strategy is yours to own and implement how you want. However if you choose to engage our recruitment services, any fees paid to date will be 100% refunded in your first recruitment fee.

A sound talent attraction and acquisition strategy, combined with a well implemented and managed process, boosts your ability to attract, acquire and retain the best talent. As a result, your competitors are left with the rest. Furthermore, planning ahead saves money, by not being forced to pay over the odds to ‘bribe’ talent to join your company out of urgency.

Gain a competitive edge in the war for talent. Contact us to arrange a meeting, free consultation and no-obligation quote.