About us

About us

Hello, we’re Pyramid Resource Solutions. How are you today?

First, thanks for your interest in Pyramid Resource Solutions. To sum up the story about us and our ongoing evolution. Our commitment to invest in the continuous research and development of new products, services and tools. As well as to emphasise the depth of benefits they provide, is ultimately complex to summarise. In particular because our consultancy led services are custom built to deliver to specific needs, combining our experience with tools from our suite of products and resources, our scalable packages deliver an extensive range of intelligent solutions.

So, if you just want the headlines, in short, we support businesses, senior leaders, and talented individuals to achieve organisational, personal and professional growth, and to achieve their individual goals.

Of course, if you prefer details then read on and learn more about Pyramid Resource Solutions. Check out a small selection of our case studies to see how we’ve helped others, and get an idea of what we can do for you.

Or, why not Contact us to discuss the most important areas of interest to you, so we can provide you with specific details on how we can help.

The evolution of our intelligent solutions

We get it, there’s a growing number of people becoming disillusioned with the recruitment industry. However, we’re proud of our heritage dating back to the late nineties, and our strong background in Executive Search & Recruitment. Likewise, we’re equally proud of our evolution as a consultancy, advisory and full service talent management firm.

In part, Pyramid Resource Solutions evolution has been led by our diverse project briefs. Also, influenced by todays increasingly dynamic world, advancements in technology, and to be candid, the continuous growth of recruitment agency’s. To clarify this last point, we’re not against competition. Competition can be beneficial, for example, reduce customer costs and improving service delivery. However, when it comes to recruitment services, particularly contingency recruitment, it seems the growth in competition has diluted both the recruitment agencies, and their clients, understanding of the recruitment industries real purpose. So, to emphasise this point, the definition of dilution is to “make something weaker in force, content or value”.

So whilst others stood still, or entered the market, Pyramid Resource Solutions evolved. Carefully crafting our products, services and tools. Developing our network of strategic partners, continuously investing in research, development, training and technology. And as a result, we’ve created a scalable package of resources that deliver intelligent solutions that support success.

What we do

Generally speaking, we work with two different groups. What connects both, with our services, is their desire to achieve growth and development. Alternatively, to find solutions to their current pain points.

Since 1999 we’ve gained in-depth understanding of how, as well as the capabilities to, effectively help businesses to maximise the return on their recruitment and onboarding investment. In addition, reducing hiring costs whilst improving business capabilities, performance and profitability.

In turn, we’ve developed the skills and network to support industry leading talent, and the rising stars of the future, to achieve their true career potential.

We partner business owners & senior leaders, helping them develop well balanced, multi-disciplinary, high performance teams.

Our business services save our clients time, money & ultimately improves their business performance, productivity & profitability.

As a result, solving diverse challenges from executive search and recruitment assignments for all disciplines, seniority levels, nationally and internationally. Succession planning, exit strategies, leadership transitions, and company sales, through to crisis management and business performance turnaround. Therefore, supporting both business and career success of the people we engage with.

How we do it

Pyramid Resource Solutions, was launched in 2009 with the clear objective of disrupting the status quo. To clarify, our founder Julian Briggs resigned after ten years as a partner in an Executive Search and Selection Recruitment firm to pursue his vision, and remove the restrictive KPI’s imposed by traditional recruitment agencies. In short, this allowed him to create, and deliver, a broader range of flexible, and genuinely bespoke, solutions based services.

The increasingly dynamic world we live in, combined with the organic lifecycle of our clients, required a more expansive proposition, and the ability to solve a broad range of complex briefs. This presented the opportunity to fill the gap the saturated recruitment industry had forgotten and therefore created.

In short, Pyramid Resource Solutions vision was, and still is, to continuously develop best in class products, services and tools. Combining our extensive experience with the latest cutting edge technology, we mix the best of the old school with industry leading, new school innovation. As a result, Pyramid Resource Solutions deliver scalable, cost effective solutions for todays dynamic challenges and opportunities.

Today Pyramid Resource Solutions provide, facilitate and host a range of carefully crafted products, services, tools and resources. Allowing a fully integrated mix, or custom built packages combining elements of them, to provide scalable solutions to support your individual needs.

In summary, we focus on the solution. First we consult, then we advise, together we agree the strategy, and finally create a scalable solution. From consultancy, advisory and talent management solutions, through to psychometric testing, capability assessments, training, coaching and mentoring. We help businesses build balanced, multidisciplinary high performance teams. At the same time, we also support the career success of talented individuals.

We are Pyramid Resource Solutions. Contact us and let us know how can we help you?

Why Pyramid Resource Solutions

Pyramid Resource Solutions draw inspiration from the great Pyramids. The only remaining seven wonders of the ancient world still standing today. For us, the Pyramids perfectly represent what we stand for.

Symbolising how the combination of great design, innovation, attention to detail and precession, as well as effective collaboration, can deliver strong, long lasting results that truly amaze.

Just like the Pyramids, we perfectly align with the stars.

If you like what we stand for, and what you’ve learnt about us, get in touch. Lets collaborate, and together we can achieve amazing results that stand the test of time.