Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process


Our recruitment process is proven to deliver results. Working collaboratively with you, our recruitment services are tailored to meet your exact requirements. In short, we provide a comprehensive and robust recruitment service, proven to attract, secure and retain your chosen candidate.

Complementing the talent attraction and acquisition strategies of our recruitment methods, our management of the entire recruitment process increases your recruitment efficiencies. Our recruitment process also assists the candidate journey. Consequently enhancing your employer brand.  Furthermore our consultative approach gives you insight into the true motivations and aspirations of our candidates. Therefore helping you make well informed hiring decisions.

In conclusion, our recruitment process improves your talent attraction, talent acquisition and retention rates. As a result, delivering you a better return on your recruitment and on-boarding investment.

Our recruitment process includes:


A consultation is the first stage of our recruitment process. It’s vital to the success of your assignment, and ultimately the attraction, acquisition and retention of talent.

During our consultation we like to dig deep into your specific recruitment requirements. Whether you’re a new client or one we’ve recruited for many times, our consultation remains vitally important.

Taking the time to understand your brief, candidate specification and company culture goes without saying. But we want to know what outcomes you want to achieve from your recruitment and what your chosen candidate can expect during the process and once on-board.

Our consultation is an important part of our partnership with you. We can help you develop your brief and provide market insights and advise you on trends. We’ll also agree on how you’d like us to approach the search, what you can expect, when you can expect it and agree timelines.

In short our recruitment consultation gives us the assignment map. It also provides us with the insight enabling us to advise you on how to attract, secure and retain talent.

Executive Search & Selection

Our executive search and selection techniques combine traditional executive search / head hunting with the latest search and selection methods. Providing you access to the valuable passive talent pool and maximising engagement with active candidates.

Our recruitment methods consist of all talent attraction strategies. Dependent on your individual recruitment requirements will combine the most appropriate combination to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Integrating traditional executive search / head hunting methods, with in-house and external database search and selection, as well as the latest digital and social talent identification, attraction and acquisition techniques.

Dependent on your timescales our executive search and selection process is tailored to implement the widest search possible to identify a long list of potential candidates who will be carefully screened for shortlisting.

Our twenty years experience, training and continuous investment in the latest recruitment tools gives us the confidence to say we’ll increase your talent attraction and acquisition capability.

Candidates Screening

Our robust candidate screening process not only qualifies the candidates suitability for your role, we assess their suitability to the softer measures too. Providing you with insight to help you attract, secure and retain your chosen candidate long term.

Equipped with insight from our consultation, our candidate screening process qualifies our shortlist matches your brief, company culture and ambitions. Each candidate is evaluated against these measures.

As part of our screening process we also dig into the psyche of each candidate. This gives us an understanding of their true motivations, desires and career aspirations.

The insight our screening process provides gives you the knowledge of how to attract your chosen candidate. What to expect once they’re on-board and how to manage them, and their career with you. This helps you retain them long term.


Following our detailed screening process, those candidates that make the grade are presented to you along with cover notes from our screening process.

Each shortlisted candidate will be presented to you with cover notes detailing their experience. From our in-depth discussions we’ll highlight relevant information to your brief that may be missing from CV’s.

Our shortlist cover notes provide additional feedback from our screening process. Giving you detailed information to help you make a well informed decision, prior to interviewing. This includes each candidate motivations, personality traits, package requirements and any other relevant information we feel you need to be aware of.

Our shortlisted candidates will be qualified for their suitability and well prepared for interview. Both you and the candidates will have a good prior understanding of each other. This optimizes your interviewing time.


Believing in quality over quantity, by this stage you’ll have been presented carefully selected candidates and information on their suitability. You’ll have made an informed decision on interviewing them, and both you and the shortlisted candidates will have an initial understanding of one another. This increases your interview time efficiencies.

It goes without saying that we coordinate and confirm all interview arrangements.

Our recruitment process is designed to optimize your time, interviewing carefully selected candidates. When it comes to interviews you’ll have been provided with information to help you make an informed decisions on who you want to meet and properly prepare for interviewing them. Each individual you meet will also be well prepared. Briefed on your business, the job description and genuinely capable of fulfilling your role.

You’ll have also gained insight into each candidate from our screening and shortlist stage. This enables you to prepare a tailored interview for each candidate. Focusing on questions you have from the information you’ve already ready had from our cover notes.

This benefits both you and the candidates. Allowing you to get more out of the interview than you would with a generic interview, and manages your time more effectively at the interview stage.

Interview Feedback

Client and candidate interview feedback is an essential part of an effective recruitment process and often can’t be achieved in-house. Providing valuable insight that could cause issues further on in the process as well as highlighting motivating factors to help you secure your chosen candidate.

Whether its first interview, second interview or more, interview feedback is essential. The relationships formed throughout our recruitment process, and the fact we’re positioned in the middle of both candidate and client, enables us to get open and honest feedback from both parties, that is unlikely to be achieved in-house.

Interview feedback provides valuable insight, highlighting any possible issues, or motivating factors, that may go undetected by either you or the candidate. This can be the difference between losing your chosen candidate or not. Or making a less well informed hiring decision.

Interview feedback can also benefit your budget. Helping you position your offer correctly without relying solely on the financial package to attract your chosen candidate. Furthermore interview feedback adds to the candidate experience, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. This again benefits you by enhancing your employer brand.

Offer & Negotiations

By working collaboratively, following our recruitment process and engaging with us at each critical stage, you’ll be aware of how to attract your chosen candidate. Both in terms of remuneration and softer motivating factors that can increase talent retention of your chosen individual.

When it comes to the offer stage we’re happy to negotiate it with the candidate on your behalf , or advise you on how to present your offer to them directly.

By following our recruitment process you’ll already be well aware of the the candidates true motivations and desires. Should anything have changed during the interview stages, our management of the recruitment process will have flagged up anything you need to be aware of. This includes package as well as the opportunity and future career expectations of the candidate.

We aim to help you secure your candidate as cost effectively as possible, as well as provide information on how best to manage them, and their career with you, so you get the best return on your recruitment and on-boarding investment.

Resignation Management

Having invested time and effort into your recruitment process, there’s nothing worse than it all falling apart at the very end. As with every stage of the recruitment process our resignation management is designed to maximise your talent attraction and acquisition as well as your valuable time.

When dealing with people there’s numerous influences beyond control that can effect the outcome of your offer and chosen candidate joining your business. Not least being counter offered when resigning from their current employer and where active job seekers are concerned, accepting another offer.

Each stage of our recruitment process is designed to highlight, and manage, any possible issues. That doesn’t stop post offer.

Our resignation management process minimises the risk of your chosen candidate accepting a counter offer, or declining your offer for another reason. Ultimately, preventing the disappointment of losing out at the final stages, losing time on your position being filled and having to invest your time starting the recruitment process all over again.

Notice Period Management

Notice periods can be a worrying time. One month, three months or more, the longer they are the more nervous you may get. Our notice period management minimises the risk of your chosen candidate having a change of mind during their notice period.

Whether they’re sent home on garden leave or made to work their notice, until your chosen candidate is on-board, there’s a level of uncertainty as to whether they will actually join you.

Whilst we recommend you stay in touch with your chosen candidate, during their notice period, we do too. We manage their notice period, staying in regular contact with you and them, relaying information back to each party.

Our notice period management aims to ease the transition of your chosen candidate leaving their last company, and joining yours. Minimising the risk and disappointment of non starters.

Post Placement Reviews

Our management of the recruitment process doesn’t stop once your chosen candidate starts with you. We like to stay in touch with you, and at your descretion with your new employee. Our post placement review aids your on-boarding process and can assist your long term talent retention.

During the on-boarding stages of your new recruit, you’re still getting to know each other. Whilst this should be the “honeymoon period” it’s vital to the success of your recruitment that the first few months go smoothly. At this time you may both be more reserved than once you’re more familiar with each other. Here communication can be difficult. Particularity on any contentious matters.

Our post placement review supports you through the on-boarding process and if required beyond. We like to keep in touch with you to asses how your chosen candidate is settling into your team and their new role, and if needed offer advice based on our knowledge of the candidate gained throughout the recruitment process. At your descretion were happy to speak with the candidate too, and provide you with their feedback.

Our post placement reviews benefit both parties leading to a better on-boarding process. As with the aim of our services we want to enhance your talent attraction, acquisition and retention. Giving you the best return on your recruitment an on-boarding investment.

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