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Designing your success for 2023

by Julian Briggs on 06/01/2023

25% of people abandon their new years resolutions within 7 days. This will rise to 60% within 6 months. Don’t be one of them! Get help designing your success for 2023…

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Do you want to rule your career or let your job rule you?

by Julian Briggs on 02/06/2022

If you have the talent, motivation & desire, to take control & rule your career. Then right now, you have the best opportunity for generations to stop letting your job rule you, & to achieve your career goals. You have the power to break the cycle, but it’s up to you do it…

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Do you get the Sunday fear as Monday draws near?

by Julian Briggs on 10/04/2022

The time varies. But somewhere between Sunday afternoon & evening many peoples mood changes. As the weekend starts to end, the fear of returning to work increases as Monday draws near. Could the war on talent cure your Sunday Syndrome? Learn more…

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Career Insights | Pyramid Resource Solutions

Career insights for the Covid-19 era

by Julian Briggs on 05/06/2020 0 comments

Career insights for the Covid-19 era, tries to provide a balanced review of how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the job market. Whilst the outlook may seem bleak, there are signs of positivity, & light at the end of the tunnel…

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How to make professional video calls | Pyramid Resource Solutions

Are your video calls damaging your business or personal brand?

by Guest Writer on 17/04/2020 0 comments

Video calls were becoming more popular before the Covid-19 lockdown. Even after social distancing rules are relaxed, video calls will increasingly be used for meetings. Done badly they can cause damage. So, here’s some tips on video calling from a professional business coach & trainer…

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CV Writing Tips

How to write a CV for successful online job applications

by Julian Briggs on 21/11/2019 0 comments

Find out how to write a CV for successful online job applications. If you apply for jobs online, or you’re updating your CV, read how the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), in recruitment, could terminate your application before it reaches the human eye. Learn how to write a CV to beat the bots.

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PRS Executive Search

How to prepare for a job interview

by Julian Briggs on 30/05/2019 0 comments

If you’re going for a job interview, it’s fair to assume you’re keen to explore the opportunity. However it’s more likely you want to secure the job. Here’s some tips on how to prepare for a job interview and nail it on the day.

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