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Plant growing on a strong framework to represent a platform for creating sustainable business growth

Creating sustainable business growth, requires a strong framework

by Guest Writer on 27/02/2024

Without growth, a business is at risk. But equally, get it wrong, and growth can also be risky. Many senior leaders face this challenge. It prevents them, and their business, from reaching their true potential. So, we asked one of our network of Business Consultants, with proven success in driving organisational transformation, to share their experience of developing strong frameworks for creating sustainable business growth…

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Are you living the dream or having nightmares?

by Julian Briggs on 31/10/2021 0 comments

Having a team of highly engaged, top performing talent is every business leaders dream. However, many find the reality of achieving this more like a nightmare. If you’re already living the dream then congratulations, good for you! There’s no need to read on…

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Covid-19 Business market research | Pyramid Resource Solutions

Covid-19 Business market research

by Julian Briggs on 23/09/2020 0 comments

Due to extreme mixed signals from the markets, some companies reporting record sales whilst others are fighting for survival, we conducted a survey of business leaders to get a better insight. Here’s the results…

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How to make professional video calls | Pyramid Resource Solutions

Are your video calls damaging your business or personal brand?

by Guest Writer on 17/04/2020 0 comments

Video calls were becoming more popular before the Covid-19 lockdown. Even after social distancing rules are relaxed, video calls will increasingly be used for meetings. Done badly they can cause damage. So, here’s some tips on video calling from a professional business coach & trainer…

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Business Strategy | Pyramid Resource Solutions

What’s your business strategy?

by Julian Briggs on 10/04/2020 0 comments

Chances are this year isn’t going according to your business plan. Some predict a downturn, others believe there’ll be a boom. Either way, there’ll be opportunities. So, whats your business strategy…

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coronavirus business support

Is my business essential? Should I have stopped trading?

by Guest Writer on 27/03/2020 0 comments

Due to misinformation & vague guidelines, many business leaders are making mistakes. Mistakes that could have serious consequences to the future success of their business! Here we clarify the confusion around the terms “essential” & “necessary” when it comes to closing your business or continue trading…

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